[VIDEO] Sweet Simplicities – RUXSTEEZ (Ryan Leslie x Talenthouse video contest submission)

This video I’m posting is a beat making video I did for the Ryan Leslie x Talenthouse video contest. You have 5 min to showcase yourself making an instrumental or a full song. Big shout out to my hard grindin’ cuzzo Marco Bercasio for shooting and directing the video. He took a simple beat making video and turned it into an art piece, adding a lot of direction and feeling to it. I’m definitely blessed with a strong circle of supporting individuals. Enjoy the video! PLEASE VOTE @

As of LATE

Wassup widit. I really suck at updating this thing. I’m in the works of creating a new blog/website hence the lack of posts. So for this update, imma hit yall with few stills of what’s been going on in my life. I’ve been following the philosophy: [Do what you love and success will follow] and I must say, I’ve been fortunate to have many opportunities come to my doorstep.

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Battle of the Synths. Roland Fantom G6 vs. Yamaha Motif XS6

I’ve been doing homework on my synths. I ran into my buddy Ed Pasallo the other day, and he plays keys for Philtered Soul, Timeless, and Feelosophy. All of which are hiphop/rnb/soul bands out here in the Bay Area. He was rockin’ the Motif and made me really wanna get my keyboard bars up. I have a background in piano and have been slowly getting back into it. So for my birthday, I have the option of getting a keyboard/synth. Its a toss up between the Fantom and the Motif. We shall see….